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Meewind umbrella fund for renewable energy projects is managed by Seawind Capital Partners. The umbrella fund covers two subfunds: Zeewind Nieuwe Parken and Zeewind Bestaande Parken. Both subfunds provide venture capital (first equity) to offshore wind energy projects. The aim is to speed up the development of offshore wind farms and to widen the support for this form of renewable energy production.

Seawind Capital Partners is also the management company of Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam and Energie Transitiefonds. This fund contributes to the transition towards renewable energy by supporting locally generated energy and investments in renewable energy companies.


Seawind Capital Partners wants to accelerate the transition to a fully sustainable energy supply. Raising extra resources via the Meewind investment fund enables investment in offshore wind projects, local production of renewable energy and renewable energy companies.

Meewind offers private persons, companies and the lower public sector the opportunity to support the development of renewable energy production. At the same time, participants can benefit from the good profit expectations in this sector.

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Structure of the fund

The funds Meewind manages have the structure of mutual funds. This is a centuries-old way of investing jointly with a cooperative background. Many Dutch investment funds use this structure due to its favourable fiscal treatment.

Management company, custodian and director

The management company of Meewind is Seawind Capital Partners B.V. which has been listed in the register of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (‘AFM’) since 2007. The Stichting Juridisch Eigendom Zeewind Fonds(en), Stichting Juridisch Eigendom Regionaal Duurzaam 1 and Stichting Juridisch Eigendom Energie Transitiefonds foundations manage the money of the participants, according to the conditions described in the prospectus. These foundations are managed by IQEQ Custody B.V. in Amsterdam.

Four funds

Currently, four funds fall under Meewind. These are first Zeewind Nieuwe Parken and Zeewind Bestaande Parken subfunds in an umbrella structure. In addition, Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam and Energie Transitiefonds are active.

Meewind paraplufonds

Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam

Energie Transitiefonds

The organisation

The management of Seawind Capital Partners is in the hands of Willem Smelik and Jaap Smelik. The organisation has been built up from the departments of marketing and web management, compliance, investment policy and funds administration (IQEQ). The office is based in Haarlem.

Externe partijen

In order to comply with all legislation and regulations, Seawind Capital Partners outsources certain activities to external parties. You can read more about this via the external parties link.

External parties