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Zeewind Nieuwe Parken

Current Situation

Meewind's Zeewind Nieuwe Parken subfund is specifically focussed on the development and construction of new offshore wind farms. The Zeewind Nieuwe Parken subfund offers participants the opportunity to join in at an early stage with the realisation of an offshore wind farm. Participation yields a forecasted return of 7 to 10% after deduction of management costs.

The first actual project in which Zeewind Nieuwe Parken is investing is Nobelwind, 45 kilometres off the coast of Zeebrugge. This wind farm consists of 50 wind turbines with a total capacity of 165 MW.

The construction of Nobelwind has been completed in december 2017 and the park is currently in operation. The financial close took place in October 2015. Offshore activities have been carried out since the beginning of May 2016. From 2017 onwards, this wind farm will provide 185,000 households with green power. With its Zeewind Nieuwe Parken subfund, Meewind is a 19.91% owner of Nobelwind N.V.



The Zeewind Nieuwe Parken subfund continues to expand. Apart from Nobelwind, Meewind sees even more good investment opportunities for offshore wind projects. Meewind is closely following developments at home and abroad and will, where possible, invest along with others.

As the management company of Meewind's Zeewind Nieuwe Parken subfund, Seawind Capital Partners wants to play an active role in the transition to renewable energy. Partly due to the limited possibilities of banks, additional fund capital is a requirement. Seawind Capital Partners hopes to enlarge the scale by attracting professional investors such as pension funds.


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Zeewind Bestaande Parken

Current Situation

The Zeewind Bestaande Parken subfund is focussed on the exploitation of existing offshore wind farms. From 2008 onwards, thousands of participants have invested in offshore wind farms via Meewind. This resulted in the realisation of two wind farms in the North Sea. 

Belwind 1, good for a capacity of 165 MW was completed in 2010 according to plan and within its budget. The adjacent wind farm Northwind (216 MW) has been in operation since 2014. 

Together with Zeewind Bestaande Parken, Meewind is a shareholder in Belwind 1 (21.46%) and has provided a loan to Northwind amounting to 5.7 million euros. The revenues from the sale of energy are paid to the participants in the form of dividend. Participation in Zeewind Bestaande Parken yields a forecast return of 7 to 10% after deduction of management costs. 


The Zeewind Bestaande Parken subfund is expected to be expanded in the future. Once they are operational, offshore wind farms constructed and developed through the Zeewind Nieuwe Parken subfund can be transferred to Zeewind Bestaande Parken at any time. After all, the interests of already existing wind farms are placed in this subfund. 

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Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam

Current Situation

Small-scale energy generation in the region, close to the user. That is what Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam stands for. This Meewind fund produces renewable energy for a strongly growing number of households in the Netherlands. 

With Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam, Meewind invested in renewable energy projects in various domains. The investment portfolio of Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam  is spread over the following technologies: Geothermal power, Green Gas, Heat/cold storage, Wind energy and Solar energy. You can read a comprehensive overview of the projects in the document: Nadere toelichting rendement en risico (Further explanation of return and risk) of Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam.

The participants can join Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam at any time and it has been recognised by the authorities as an official green fund. This enables participants to take advantage of an attractive tax benefit. Participation yields a forecasted return of 4 to 5% after deduction of management costs. 


Through Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam, Seawind Capital Partners wants to expand the investments in various onshore renewable energy projects. Interesting projects are considered in the area of solar and geothermal heat, biogas, wind and hot/cold systems in the existing building sector. 

The ambition of Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam: bringing about national cover of energy projects at regional level in order to contribute in that way to the transition to a 100% sustainable energy supply. 


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Energie Transitiefonds

The fund is aimed to impact technology and developments that cannot be done under the Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam. This offers interesting opportunities to invest in energy storage and distribution projects.

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