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Energie Transitiefonds
Groenfonds Regionaal Duurzaam

Current Situation

Small-scale energy generation in the region, close to the user. That is what Regionaal Duurzaam 1 stands for. This Meewind fund produces renewable energy for a strongly growing number of households in the Netherlands. 

With the Regionaal Duurzaam 1 fund, Meewind invested in renewable energy projects in various domains. The investment portfolio of the Regionaal Duurzaam 1 fund is spread over the following technologies: Geothermal power, Green Gas, Heat/cold storage, Wind energy and Solar energy. You can read a comprehensive overview of the projects in the document: Nadere toelichting rendement en risico (Further explanation of return and risk) of the Regionaal Duurzaam 1 fund.

The participants can join the Regionaal Duurzaam 1 at any time and it has been recognised by the authorities as an official green fund. This enables participants to take advantage of an attractive tax benefit. Participation yields a forecasted return of 4 to 6% after deduction of management costs. 


Through the Regionaal Duurzaam 1 fund, Seawind Capital Partners wants to expand the investments in various onshore renewable energy projects. Interesting projects are considered in the area of solar and geothermal heat, biogas, wind and hot/cold systems in the existing building sector. 

The ambition of Regionaal Duurzaam 1: bringing about national cover of energy projects at regional level in order to contribute in that way to the transition to a 100% sustainable energy supply.